Luxury Vinyl Plank Floors

Combining Beauty and Durability

In high moisture areas, the benefits of vinyl flooring over traditional wood floors are undeniable. Areas such as kitchens, bathrooms and basements that have an abundance of moisture can still take advantage of the look and beauty of wood, but have the benefits of waterproof vinyl. Additionaly vinyl flooring is very cost effective in terms of cost per square foot and the east at which it can be installed in just about any location in your house, at grade, above grade or below.

Vinyl plank installation comes in two basic varieties the peel and stick and click and lock. Both these methods are easy to install by a professional flooring expert and can be done quickly and efficiently. There are a variety of width and length as well as floor styles giving you the abillity to create any look you want. Vinyl plank floors are also easy to maintain and care for. The top level protective urethane is easy to clean and resists scrapes and scratches. The end result is a floor that looks very realistic and is cheaper and more durable than regular floors.

Vinyl plank floor prep

Vinyl plank floor prep

The existing flooring is removed and debris is cleaned up
Vinyl plank floor prep sealer

Vinyl plank floor sealer

The substrate floor is ground down and then a self leveling compound is applied to even the surface.
Vinyl plank floor after

Vinyl plank floor after 1

The result looks like real hardwood.
Vinyl plank floor after 2

Vinyl plank floor after 2

And is much easier to maintain and care for

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