Arrowhead Ranch's Hardwood Flooing Source

Located between Deer Valley Road on North side, Union Hills Road on South side, Hwy-101 on West, and  Bell Rd . on East Arrowhead is between booming neighborhoods. Variety of housing choices makes that area attractiv for almost everybody. Arrowhead Mall, founded in the end of 20th century is very popular in town gateway during hot summer. Another popular place is Wet'n'Wild Water Park serving all families with kids. Arrowhead Country Club offers the lowest prices in Valley.

High Sonoran Desert Living

Situated at 1200 feet above sea level in Glendale, Arrowhead ranch incorporates all the aspects that one loves about the Sonoran desert. This includes beautiful weather and scenery. And while Arizona certainly has an abundance of outdoors weather, its cold winters and hot summers means you will be seeking refuge in your home from these climate extremes. The hardwood flooring or luxurty vynl that you choose with out expetise, will ensure you feel centered in the environment inside or out.

Arrowhead Ranch, Quiet and Well Maintained

Its no secret, you chose to live in this corner of the valley because you want the quite neighborhood lifestyle centered around family. Make hardwood flooring the foundation for your family home by vistiting our showroom adjacent to Glendale, Arizona.