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Hardwood Floor Textures

What are the different textures of hardwood floors?


There are several main types of hardwood floor textures:

  • Smooth
  • Handscraped
  • Distressed
  • Wirebrushed

Smooth texture is by far the most popular type of texture. The boards are sanded flat and finished at the factory. Smooth surfaces are modern and sleek, they reflect light in a room better and give a  clean open airy feel. The main drawback is that smooth surfaces show dents and damage more than textured hardware.

Handscraped floors vary from gentle scraping to heavy marking. The indententation hides markings and scratches much more easily than smooth floors. The natural scraping gives a antique look and feel to a room. Those with pets such as dogs and cats, or children should consider this floor texture as it will deal with their damage better.

Distressed floors may have the same markings that handscraped floors have, but also include different types of markings and even burn marks. This gives the floor and old, lived in look that some people desire. Heavy traffic areas  might want to consider this treatment.

Wirebrushing is a gentle treatment that brings out the linear grain of the wood and has the same benefits of hiding and damage to the wood.


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