The picturesque town of Cave Creek is seeped in the history of the South West. Located in North Western Maricopa county, Cave Creek is known for its beauty and traditional old west look and feel. Homes and businesses in Cave Creek reflect that same western aestetic, of which hardwood is a very big part of it. Even though the town is in the heart of the Sonoran Desert, wood and hardwood is a large part of the palet. Spur Cross Ranch, the nature preserve in Cave Creek, contains many beautiful desert tree species. While many are not traditional hardwoods used in flooring, such as mesquite and cottonwood, its possible to find hardwoods and hardwood finishes that can give you the southwest look and feel with the benefit of environmentaly friendly products. Oaks and pines would make great choices but of course there is no reason to lock yourself into one style and not use modern palets.

Our hardwood flooring showroom in North Phoenix is easily accessible from anywhere in Cave Creek, but for those that would like an in house consultation, we can bring 100s of samples to your home so that you can see different species, finishes and products in your home.

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