Anthem, a New City Rises in the American Southwest

Anthem, north of Phoenix in Maricopa County, is a master-planned community that is well known as a family friendly neighborhood. Within main subdivision: Parkside, Country Club and the Village, Anthem serves Residents with year round activities. Golfing, hiking, biking, jogging, running, swimming are only a small representation of activities possible in Anthem. Generally, if you are outdoor oriented person it is place for you! With this in mind, we can provide a variety of hardwood flooring options that are perfectly suited towards young families. With the right wood species and finish, you can mitigate the damage and wear and tear typical with small children running in and out of the house day and night.

Hardwood Reflects the Natural Feel of Anthem's Neighborhoods

Choosing rustic style hardwood with delicate white wash  in lighter color with earth undertone will suit desert nature and Anthem's architecture. Lighter floor will cover better desert dust. Darker floors are also very popular in Phoenix area especially in houses with a lot of daily light. Maintenance of dark and light flooring is basically the same: delicate dusting, periodically using very light wet mop for hardwood flooring (never use dripping, dumped in water mop!!!!). The beauty of hardwood flooring is more and more experienced with age, such floor is simply following events in the household.

Natural Wood Floors, Anthem and the Desert Environment

Your wood will be aging with you. European and French oak, birch, hickory, acacia, maple are all species good for Arizona weather. An Example would be this product form XYZ. Polyurethane, UV treated waxed oil lacquered oil are finishes recommended in dry climate. Never forget to have your AC running even house will be empty for all weekend or even longer. To make sure that floor will be in good shape you can leave buckets with water for weeks when nobody is home.

The Olympic Hardwood Flooring showroom is conveniently located right by I-17, between Cactus Rd. & Peoria Rd., in distance of 20 min from Anthem Outlets so visiting and sampling the large variety of species and manufacturers is easy. However if you want to sample products in your home, we can come to you and show you dozens of styles in your Anthem residence.