Legno Bastone Arizona

Legno Bastone is a company founded in the 1800's that sources raw wood from the best forests through out the European continent. These ancient forests have been nurtured for generations benefiting both the environment and society. Generally over 150 years old, these trees have been cared throughout their existence with care. Stewardship is not a slogan with Lengo Bastone, its a way of life.

Wide Plank Hardwood Floors

The collections that Legno Bastone offers are well known as some of the finest wide-planked hardwoods in the industry. This is due to the hand-crafted nature of every single product they produce. The care and engineering that goes into the manufacturing of each wide planked hardwood product is the same no matter if its a small family home or a luxurious European castle. (Yes, Legno Bastone is found in European castles.)

Legno Bastone has meticulous demands in terms of knots, structure and grains. They only accept top quality logs from European forests, which are used with utmost respect, all other approaches would be an betrayal to the trees and the care-takers of these forests over the millenium. These hardwoods are gifts from our ancestors and we cherish them as such.

Legno Bastone truly lives up to the reputation that it earned from design professionals as "Custom Designed Furniture for Your Floor.

Irrespective of whether the address is in Europe or Arizona, every single floor is hand-crafted and custom designed. Founded in the late 1800’s by the same family that runs the company to this very day, Legno Bastone has never abandoned the age-old European traditions of craftsmanship when it comes to our floors.