Handscraped Hardwood Floors

Handcrafting is a time-honored tradition that is cherished because it joins the benefits of modern engineering and prefinishing. Handcrafted, hand-scraped creates a floor without peers. Each plank of flooring is hand crafted using the art of handscrapery and sculpted to create the look of antique, cherished, rustic old-world charm.

Modern handscraped hardwood floors are designed to have the feel of an older style floor and the look of being made by hand. Showing a natural kind of wear, handscraped floors still enjoys the modern finishes which protect the hardwood. Handscraped elements include such style enhancements as denting, scrooping or sanding the hardwood to create many indentations, creating splits and even holes that look like natural wormholes. Depending on the brand, the level of handscraped intensity can be left up to the customer.

Installation of hand scraped floors is by floating, glue, staple, or nail down depending on sub-floor.