High Gloss Hardwood Finishes

High-gloss hardwood floors can give some shine to any space. High-gloss hardwood floors help make a dramatic statement by making a room look brilliant.

There are a number of gloss levels for hardwood floors, theoreticaly 100% gloss is the highest level of shine possible. It would be such a high gloss that it would be like a mirror, thus gloss levels fall bellow 100%.

With a 50% or higher gloss, hadwood floors have a high sheen that is very pronounced and create a sleek, modern result on your hardwood floors. Hardwood floors with high gloss finish appear to be more formal. However the drawback is that the higher the gloss, the more you can see any marks, scuffs, or scratches. So to get the high gloss look on your hardwood flooring there is a tradeoff of more maintainence.

Gloss levels around 15% are considered low luster. A low gloss looks like more expensive European oil-rubbed finishes and are therefore very popular. Low gloss hardwood floors can hide marks, scratches and scuffs, thus making them excellent options for homes with kids and pets and high-traffic areas.