Olympic Hardwood Flooring is your source for the vintage, rustic, Distressed floors that give your home or business a lived in look

The look and charm of a vintage wood floor can not be duplicated which is why distressed hardwood gaining popularity to achieve a lived-in feel for homes and places of business.

Distressed hardwood floors is a term of art that refers to the processes of intentionally distressing hardwood floor planks in order to achieve an old world antique looking hardwood. Trained craftsman read and interpret each individual plank of wood to discern its individual personality. After that has been done, the artisan chooses the right techniques and tools to fully bring out the character of the wood. A complicated process can use up to 30 specialty wood making tools, to adding natural-looking character to hardwood planks including antique wear and tear to the end pieces and edges, chatter marks, and even worm holes. This process creates an antique-looking distressed hardwood floor surface.

The concept is simple, however the handiwork needed can be labor and time intensive and requires artistic skill and proficency.