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American Guild® is a lifestyle design house for exceptional flooring that celebrates the tradition of craftsmanship alongside the restless spirit of modern innovation. Artisan purveyors of the highest regard, we are also passionate students of interior design, dedicated to creating the necessary elements that bring both residential and commercial spaces to life.

This combination results in an uncompromised balance of form and function – a lasting floor that is as inspiring and distinct as the personalities and sensibilities of our customers.

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American Guild Products

Artfully captured with the same passion, the Ernest Hemingway® Heritage collection evokes the spirit of this treasured icon in a remarkable selection of waru, acacia and white oak engineered hardwood floors.

A collection of richly nuanced white oak engineered hardwood floors that is grounded in the artisan’s process, the Craftsman Legacies collection carefully minds the beauty of the world in the hands of the craftsman.

Featuring hearty maple engineered hardwood floors, the Historical Elements collection lets the story of a nation unfold with a series of captivating colors, incredible character and elegant distressing.

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