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Wood Filler

What is wood filler?


Sometimes the damage to a wood floor is more than just superficial. Wood floors can suffer deep scars, scrapes, rotting and chipping due to a variety of environmental problems. In these cases, prior to or sometimes in between sandings, wood filler can be applied to your floors. These wood fillers can be matched to the colors of your floors. Your options include sustainable wood filler, water based hardwood floor fillers and oil based wood fillers.

Sustainable wood fillers are your option for those with a preferences towards wood fillers that have the least detrimental impact to the environment. Those that are looking for an option that can be used in a residential area with the least  amount of negative health impact, water based hardwood floor fillers are your best bet. Oil and heavy solvent based fillers, are best left outside for exterior needs.

So if you have heavy damage, don't despair, we'll discuss all your repair and replacement options.


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