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Rivafloors are designed to last. From humble beginings in the north of Spain dating back to 1937, Rivafloors set out create hardwood floors that are generations old.


Rivafloors are created to embody any space with distinction, style and good taste. Wether its your home or a commercial property, Rivafloors will make any room look like an modern art gallery.


Rivafloor artisans create flooring products like no other. The quality of their construction is unparalled. The balance between perfection, design and nature is to be appreciated by our most demanding customers.


The quality of Rivafloor products depends on great measure on the optimization of forestry resources that we have in our reach. Raw material is chosen and selected directly from the forest by forestry experts. Rivafloors is firmly commited with the environment and the right, ethic and efficient management of the forests, for this reason all of their products are FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified.

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Hardwood Education

Our hardwood experts are available guide your through all the options and educate you on your choices.

There is never a cost for consultations and are no obligation, so contact us today to learn more.