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HomerWood Appalachian Hardwood Arizona Showcase

Lovingly hand-crafted in Appalachia, Homerwood converts the hardwoods of America's ancient forests into premium flooring products, sustainably and with the highest environmental considerations. Founded in Titusville, PA in 1984 HomerWood harkens back to a different era where handcraftmanship, by hand-selecting center-cut lumber in a way which reveals the unique beauty of nature. Each HomerWood collection embodies unsurpassed style, elegance and individuality of our wide range of species, styles, textures and colors.

Whether you are looking for nail down, staple, glue or float on above or below grade, HomerWood has 4 main collections that will give you the look and feel you need. With width as small as 3" and as wide as 8" you can find the right look for your space. HomerWood also offers a proprietary UV-Cured Urethane with Aluminum Oxide cross-polymer additive that provides superior wear properties. This finish is so strong that it carries a 50 year residential and 3-year commercial warranty.

Whole Log Hardwood Flooring

The word "Character" is used by HomerWood to describe the use of the entire log. Appearance determines its style or grade, and markings may vary with each width. Elegant floors revealing all of the trees' natural characteristics are the essence of HomerWood.

This allows HomerWood Hardwood floors to show all the wood's inherent characteristics and natural beauty. The fingerprints of nature... beautifully and reassuringly preserved... unique, naturally occurring characteristics which may include:open and filled knots, original markings, splits, checking, sap, pith, mineral streaks, color variations, embodied cracks, and variations in grain.

Homerwood Brands

Hardwood Education

Our hardwood experts are available guide your through all the options and educate you on your choices.

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