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Hardwood Gloss Levels

What are the standard hardwood gloss levels?


Standard hardwood gloss levels are refered to as luster. Luster levels are a percentage of shine.

  • 100% gloss - This would be a perfect mirror and is not a luster level you can actually purchase.
  • 50% gloss - Anything between 100 and 50% has a very high level of luster and gives a very modern look and help spread light more evenly. However, remember scuffs and scratches show more easily the higher the gloss. So unless you are ready for increased maintainence, use this in low traffic areas.
  • 15% gloss - This gloss level will appear as if it is oil-rubbed finish and is very trendy today. Lower glosses hide blemishes better. If you want the look and feel of a European oil rubbed finish without the maintence then choose options at this luster level.


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