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Wood Porcelain Tiles or Hardwood

Hardwood vs wood looking porcelain tiles, which is better?


There are several advantages and disadvantages to both natural hardwood and porcelain tiles that look like hardwood. Here are some of them.

Why Porcelain

Cost is probably the number one advantage. The mass production of simulated wood tiles means that the per square foot cost is going to be much lower than hardwood. Porcelain is also going to be cooler in a hotter climate and is easier to clean than hardwood. In areas with a lot of moisture, bathrooms and laundry rooms, Porcelain may be preferable since water can be easily cleaned up.

Why Hardwood

There is no substitute for the natural organic look and feel of real wood. Even the most advanced simulated wood grain is going to not pass the look test, especially in larger areas. In large areas you are going to notice repetitive patterns. On cold nights, the warmth of wood is going to be superior to the porcelain tiles. If you want an intimate space in which you or your family will be resting on the floor, watching TV, playing board games, etc... then the comfort of real wood is unrivaled.

In conclusion, if you have a tight budget in terms of initial costs and ongoing maintenance, then porcelain is the right choice, but if you want the real organic look and feel of hardwood, porcelain is going to be a poor substitute especially as time goes by and you interact with your floors over time.


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