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What is WOCA Oil

I noticed some products have a finish called Woca Oil. What exactly is Woca oil and why should I consider it?


WOCA Oil is a plant based durable wood finish with no pigments or preservatives. The oil is manufactured by Wood Care of  Denmark... thus WOod + CAre = WOCA. The oils are cold pressed vegetable oils with aromatic hardening oils that penetrate and provide a protective surface that bonds with the wood.  So unlike polyurethane normal wear and tear does not show up. Typical US manufactured oil finishes are tung oil based and while they penetrate and dry, they do not harden well and are not the best protection to your investment.

If you keep your WOCA floor cleaned with WOCA soap it will add an invisible film on your floor that means you will not need to sand or screen your floor. As an added bonus, WOCA oils are manufactured using environmentaly responsible and sustainable methods. Check out The Garison Collection for examples of products we cary that use WOCA oil.


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